Compact Umbrella

Compact - windproof auto open & close 28,5 cm short Umbrella with rubbered black & goldings handle by PARASOL

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Compact Auto Open & Close Folding Umbrella

  • 3x folding, automatic opening & closing
  • light & windproof
  • fiberglass & high quality steel canopy
  • very strong steel telescopic shaft, black color
  • rubbered plastic, straight short handle
  • high performance polyester Pongee fabric
  • 100 cm canopy span
  • 28,5 cm when folded
  • wind resistant
  • 2 years warranty
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Product Details
Mechanism Automatic opening and closing
Frame Short 3x folding
Number of panels 8
Case Yes
Fabric Polyester Pongee
Length when folded
Resistance to wind Yes
Warranty 2 years
Steel telescope black paint

The automatically opening and closing umbrella provides full comfort until the last drop of rain. It protects during dynamic passages between the canopies. The canopy's automatic closing function prevents the situation of unavoidable soaking, in which when getting into the car we have to fold the umbrella, standing still outside or sticking out of the car halfway. It is also useful in situations when your other hand is busy and you want to go through the door. Then "click" - and the road is clear.

Elegant and reliable

in dynamic city traffic

Endurance to the wind 80 km/h

Carbon Steel Technology - endurance confirmed by tests in the wind tunnel

3-year warranty